About the Museum
Siberia, Altay Region...
I am sure, that among the most
beautiful and original places
of the Globe this land takes
takes not the last place.
Herman Titov,
"My blue planet"
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About the Museum

Altay State Memorial Museum of Herman Titov is the unique historical and cultural object, narrating to inhabitants and guests of the Altay Region about history of development of cosmonautics, about legendary flight of the second cosmonaut of a planet Earth - Herman Stepanovich Titov, and also about life, activity and creativity of the father of the cosmonaut, the known Altay teacher, the educator – Stepan Pavlovich Titov.

The museum is located in the homeland of the cosmonaut in the village Polkovnikovo, Kosikhinsky District, Altai Region, where he spent his childhood and youth.

The museum was opened to visitors in 1965. The founder of the museum is Stepan Pavlovich Titov - cosmonaut's father, teacher.
On the 6th August , 2011 the museum was opened after the reconstruction made within the departmental target program "Development of the Altay State Memorial Museum of Herman Titov on 2008-2010years. " ,approved by the Administration of Altay Region on March 11, 2007 94.

Now, the museum complex includes a school building , where Herman Titov studied from 1945-1950 and the new building with exposition halls and storage facilities.

In the halls of the museum are exhibited the personal things of the cosmonaut, his school writing-materials, awards, models of spaceships and equipment, cosmonauts' food,space suit of "Sokol K" and many other things.